Wendy (blahblahhh) wrote in yearbook,

ok, little dilemma:

i'm assigned the senior panoramic layout - except i'm not sure what i'm suppose to do, even though i'm told to be creative. =P every year, the senior class sits on the bleachers in the big gym, and prestige snaps the picture, except that that's really boring.

SO, do you guys have any ideas on what i can do instead? an option is to have the picture taken at the courtyard, but i was thinking that the grass field is prettier. and instead of standing in several rows, we (the senior class) can spell out I H S or 04. does that make sense? like.. we form the letters IHS by standing in certain places. (oh, and i get a natural spread i think, so faces in the gutter should be fine?)

and we can tell people to wear as much (bright) blue as possible =D some people might get carried away and paint their face blue.. err is that allowed? oh well. just tell me what you guys think, if you have any ideas or opinions please. thanks!

*btw, the photographer will be standing either on a bleachers or ladder - not that high up - so yeah*
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