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The proofs are scattered all over my floor right now. You never realize how many little things go into one little yearbook page until you actually sit down and take the time to try and find mistakes. Why is this stuff so hard? It seems so simple. The rules are there, all you have to do is follow them. Yet there are so many typos, so many grammatical erroors, so many stupid stylistic errors I wonder how the person doing the page never caught it, how the person checking the page never caught it, how Jenn and I never caught it... On screen I guess it's really simple to say that it looks fine but somehow on paper everything is ten times worse. It's really hard to stand back and realize we are only about a week away from finalizing all these pages... whatever we send back WILL be printed, and with as many errors as there are now, I'm really surprised we didn't have THAT many errors last year as less people checked over the pages then.

On the other hand, it's kind of exciting to know that these... Oh... 60 or so pages we got back represent a good fourth of the book already. Toss out the dedication pages and the index... We have about a 3rd of our pages back, and over half of our pages are done/been worked on already. Very exciting. Today I took out I/R, Wired and last years book and opened them all up to the same page and compared what was done three years, two years, one year ago, and it's really quite amazing to see the transformation from black and white to color and plain to color and clutterd to... what we have now. Awesome, like wow. Totally.

Okay this was totally random. We have so much to do next week, aren't you excited? :D :D
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