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I had another yearbook nightmare. I don't know if that's a good thing, or a bad thing. I used to get them alot when I was obsessed, but then during the 'down period' I didn't have any. Well this one was a REALLY bad dream but then it gets really weird so I'll explain it best I can.

Okay, so we got the book back, and it looked great... All of it, except for Academics. Apperently, there were some flowing mistakes [and we didn't even USE flowing in academics] so half of the teacher mugshots were missing. To make it worse, the names were missing too so we had these chunks of mugshots that said nothing but "MUG 1 MUG 2 MUG 3 MUG 4" or stuff like "NONAME1 NONAME2 NONAME3" - does this make any sense? We didn't have over 2 rows of mugshots anywhere, but in my dream there were like 3 rows on every page and all the mugshots were in color and it was really obvious that stuff was missing... And I was freaking out because the rest of the book looked perfect, all except for the missing mugshots in academics, and I was calling Friesens trying to make them fix it and I couldn't figure out the number, and then I wasn't able to call, and I couldn't dial right...

In the second part of my dream, we were all in 101B and it was the day Harry Potter 3 came out. As you guys all know, that's also the day of Yearbook distrabution. Well it also happened to be the day of the Superbowl... Don't ask. Kate Luo was in my dream and she bet money on this one team to win... Hmm we were all sitting on tables in 101B watching Harry Potter... And then this WOLF comes into the room. This part is probably Ragnarok influenced. So we're all running around trying to avoid the wolf, and I jump and I somehow make it to the top of the portables. Then I see everyone else I know sitting on the ground and they're ALL eating Jamaba Juice. Some people had Jamba Juice ice cream too. It was weird.

Yeah so anyway, the point of this was to say I had another yearbook nightmare. I already know what every page looks like, so I hope a mistake like that doesn't happen. Because if a major mistake happens, it can only happen in printing. Friesens is good.

Oh, and Teri and I went to get last year's cover and this year's cover framed. They look great. I think we're planning to unveil the cover for this year at Senior Awards night, as we're presenting the publications awards. What do you guys think? It's a day and a half before distrabution, and we're going to just let people have a quick glance. It's like a publicity stunt. Not that we really need one.
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